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PowerMove: Mobile energy system for AC appliances

PowerMove is an ideal and practical solution to benefit from an AC power source wherever you are. Thanks to its embedded Lithium-Ion battery, this device is very lightweight and fully secured for daily use. It can be charged from AC grid or direclty with PV system. Two power levels are available to match perfectly with your needs: 500W and 1000W.

PowerMove is a great device for Off-Grid or weak grid applications: you can easily provide AC and DC power on a location where electricity is mission critical.

A wide range of applications

PowerMove allows you to be totally free from any fixed power source. Its lightweight and ease of transport are indeed real keypoints we much notice: you can easily carry it with handles and also wheels for the 1000W one.

Fairs, exhibitions, outdoors events, disaster relief camps, camping: PowerMove fits with any outdoor application. Although it is made for such cases of use, PowerMove can perfectly powers any cash register, computer, payment terminal, mobile phone or power tools.

For outdoor needs or indoor mobile devices, PowerMove is a real travel companion.

Datas and key points

    • Two power levels:  500W or 1000W
    • High efficiency pure sine inverter : >85%
    • Embedded Lithium-Ion battery fully secured by BMS
    • LiFePO4 battery for long lifecycle
    • Lightweight and small footprint for easy transportation
    • Charge from PV panel or AC grid
    • Certificate: CE & RoHS
    • Overheat, short-circuit and overload protection

Mechanical and system specifications