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PowerModule by PowerTech Systems

PowerModule is an advanced Lithium battery system for industrial vehicles, mid and heavy duty traction, robotics, and applications requiring high capacity and/or high voltage (up to 819.2V nominal).
Up to 128 modules can be assembled in series, in parallel and both series and parallel.
Depending on the size of the final installation, an external BMS may be required to control the system. For small systems with up to 16 modules and that do not require monitoring in the cloud, external BMS is not required.

BMSMatrix® Technology : Embedded intelligence for PowerModule

the PowerModule range uses our BMSMatrix Technology to handle various combinations of configuration. BMSMatrix® is an advanced technology from our R & D, which enables the deployment, control and management of large battery systems.

BMSMatrix® is the embedded intelligence providing an incredible modularity and scalability to the system: PowerModule can manage storage systems as small as 5kWh-48V, but can easily scale up to some large power batteries up to 688kWh and 820VDC nominal.

Monitoring feature

As for the PowerRack range, a monitoring and Telemetry service is available for PowerModule® battery system.
This service allows all battery operating parameters to be monitored in real time.
All information are collected by WIFI, 3G/4G, or TCP-IP ethernet networks.
The service is based on a secure API-REST interface based in a secure cloud.

The main features of the service are as follows:

Remote configuration & Monitoring

  • Parameter setting of all battery functions and operating thresholds (temperature range, voltage range, current range, power range, warning thresholds, maximum discharge depth, etc.)
  • More than 70 accessible parameters
  • Remote firmware update
  • Viewing all battery operating data
  • Early phase incident detection
  • Consultation of parameters in the form of graphs and tables
  • Fleet management and preventive maintenance

Data history

  • The data is compressed into 5 levels according to their age
  • The average, minimum and maximum values of each parameter are kept indefinitely
  • Data consultation by a “Time-Shift” function

Consultation 24-7 via WEB Interface

  • The data is accessible on any Internet browser (PC or smartphone) with secure access to the platform
  • The data is located on a secured database cluster and saved on a daily basis
  • Management of user profiles and access rights for data consultation.
  • All stored data is encrypted with strong algorithm for privacy

SMS or Email alert management

  • An SMS or email alert can be configured to be triggered according to the parameters defined by the user.
  • Alerts can automatically open an assistance or maintenance ticket on the ticketing tools available at the customer’s premises
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Download PowerModule Specifications

Download PowerModule Specifications
Download PowerModule Specifications
PowerModule - Key facts

  • “Plug-and-Play” and flexible system : Easy and fast commissioning
  • Scalable system : Serial and/or Parallel assembly up to 128 modules to fullfill the most complex appplications
  • Embedded Cell heating system for sub 0°C operations
  • BMSMatrix® Technology inside
  • High energy density : 201.5 Wh/L
  • Stainless steel housing with waterproof connection (IP67)
  • Assembly range from 51.2V to 819.2V nominal
  • Up to 655kWh per system
  • Safe and high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology
  • Minimum 3000 cycles at 100% DOD (at 1C)
  • External communication via CAN bus 2B
  • CE, UN38.3 and IEC62619 certification
Download PowerModule Specifications
Download PowerModule Specifications