Lithium for Industrial Vehicles and Heavy Duty applications

electric industrial vehicle

Industrial vehicles require very high energy capacity to be operational at any time and over a long operating period.
PowerTech has robust products that meet the industry’s high standards.
The modular batteries designed by our teams are able to equip a few kilowatt hours for small industrial equipment, up to several Mega-Watt hours for heavy industry.

The PowerRack® and PowerModule® product ranges are “off-the-shelf” products designed to meet this type of requirement and can be operational in the shortest possible time, without prototyping or technical design costs.

APPLICATION : Electrification of CM-DUPON snow groomers with the PowerModule® system
APPLICATION : Electrification of an excavator with PowerModule® range
Diesel Excavator retrofit with 146kWh PowerModule battery
Diesel Excavator retrofit with 146kWh PowerModule battery
Assembly of 104 PowerModule elements in the original body
Assembly of 104 PowerModule elements in the original body
PowerModule : Modular Lithium Energy storage system
PowerModule : Modular and scalable Lithium-Ion battery system

PowerModule is an advanced Lithium battery system for industrial vehicles, mid and heavy duty traction, robotics, and applications requiring high capacity and/or high voltage (up to 819.2V nominal).
Up to 128 modules can be assembled in series, in parallel and both series and parallel.
Depending on the size of the final installation, an external BMS may be required to control the system. For small systems with up to 16 modules and that do not require monitoring in the cloud, external BMS is not required.

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